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Entity in the “Arrow Partner Program”

Entity is glad to announce the collaboration with Arrow Electronic, by joining the “Arrow Partner Program EMEA”, Arrow’s accredited network of best companies in technical design.

The experience gained over thirty years of activity places Entity Elettronica as a point of reference in the electronics market applied to custom made LED.

Thanks to the expertise and the professionalism of our team in the Research and Development department, Entity is able to follow the production cycle, from designing to engineering the product, providing an exclusive service which allows us to work closely with customers, starting from their specific needs, and which aims to ensure the end result in terms of quality standards, reliability and efficiency, providing LED system manufacturers a turn-key service both for single processing such as wiring and components assembly as well as for particular toll manufacturing, with the aim of guarantying, at the same time, optimisation, internal costs control and best production quality.
It is for these reasons that, to date, Entity Elettronica has secured prestigious collaborations with some of the largest and most important LED lighting brands in the field, that benefits from the accuracy with which the entire production process is conducted.
In a market always more competitive where the majority of innovations happen at a software, connection and security level, being able to rely on a network of companies pre-selected by Arrow Electronic, represent an extremely important advantage and allow for best collaboration amongst partners, by using the latest applications and technologies for maximum optimisation and by speeding up the design cycle to release new solutions and products into the market.