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Disco 4
Disco 4

Disco 4

Aluminium Disco with 4 LEDs

Current Feeding

  • Iin = 350mAdc: P = 4,4W
  • Iin = 500mAdc: P = 6W
  • Iin = 700mAdc: P = 8,8W
  • Iin = 1000mAdc: P = 12,8W

Recommended power supply 1300ENPS-06-C35

Type of LED CREE™ XP-E2

Heat sink required Yes

Recommended heat sink pinblock (cod: 330600031/33060032)

Cables 25cm

Recommended lenses PL1151XX_CRE/PL1152XX_CRE

Order Code

Base code


Type of led

B1 Cree™ XP-E2 

B3* Cree™ XP-C 

B6* Cree™ XP-G 

LED Color 

BI0 cold white 

BI1 warm white 

BI2 natural white

BL0* blue

RO0* red

VE0* green

*available on request
Eg: 1200ENDISCO4-B1-BI0: XP-E2 cold white