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Entity Elettronica designs and produces LED lighting solutions with high technological content, focused on energy saving and high lighting efficiency.


Signs series includes models suitable to make signs, signage, lettering, etc. They are available in indoor version IP20 and outdoor versions in silicone IP65 and tube IP67.

Strip 60 SHAPE

Flexible strip 5 meter long, with 300 LEDs/meter. Divisible every 50 mm, with 3M biadhesive in the back side, with wire for connection.

Strip 60 Shape designed to be able to be molded during positioning. Ideal for illuminated signs. Maximum length of 2.5 meters can be used with single power supply.

Chain 1L

Chain composed of 12 parts with 1 LEDs each part

Chain 3L

Chain composed of 50 parts with 3 LEDs each part